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Our Story

Like many things in my life, The Writer is N ℠ began with the work and encouragement of my mother, a revolutionary and holistic master midwife. Mommy was a great cook as well and used her many skills to create healing salves for child-bearing clients and elders. Those who were childbearing, benefited at times from Mom’s salves made with herbs like comfrey.

She also made a salve for herself when her knees were achy and in need of their own soothing. This salve she would offer to family, friends and neighbors in need. In 2020, amidst the global pandemic, we sat down to create a shea creme or body butter together.


We have been using shea butter as a family nearly all of my life. On trips back from Senegal where my Mommy would go to offer midwifery services, she would bring back big blue vats of shea butter . While most of this shea would be used for medicinal salves, we were encouraged to make a body butter that we could offer to a wider range of community.

Initially, these body butters would be for our soak family. Our first batches of the body butters were offered to the attendees of our full moon foot soaks. This is a group that meets monthly to gather as community, reconnect and create intentions, and share affirmations.

All of this renewal has led to birth of so many aspects of our work as a newsletter, community, and maker of healing products for the body mind and soul. We invite you to support us and by doing so support yourself in full body healing, love and renewal.


Body & Soak Full Moon Circle is a project offered by Song of Harlem by TWIN. Song of Harlem is a collaborative company whose mission is to create spaces of full body and full self healing in which gathering together, creating together, breaking bread together is celebrated.

TWIN uses the poetic arts to offer healing the best way we know how through intention to community, trusting in generosity and service, and loving the beautiful ones that have come before us. 


In these three areas, we bring to you our three areas of focus:

body&soak | our full moon foot soaks

back of book scripts | our letters

shopTWIN | our shop

We hope that this work emanates forth in a centrifugal manner to heal through the arts. We ground our work in its proper place of ease and release and a space of care. Without further ado, we bring you The Writer is N ℠.
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